Absolute Metrology Services

A Woman-Owned Business

Company Profile

Absolute Metrology Services was established in 2005 by Maria D. Robinson (Chief Metrologist). Maria has a B.S. in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology (1993) and a M.S. in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona (1995). Maria shifted her career from optical design to interferometry in 1998, working for Zygo Corporation in customer education, applications engineering, and R&D projects including large optical reference certification.

AMS was created in 2005 as a means to continue the high-level R&D work as well as educate customers. Over her career, Maria has taught over one thousand students at Zygo, the University of Rochester, ASPE, and many optics manufacturers.

In 2009 AMS expanded to include general optical testing, welcomed by both the optical and general manufacturing industries. AMS performs nanometer-level interferometry regularly, making basic interferometric measurements a service that can be offered at very competitive rates. Customers with occasional interferometric testing needs outsource these tasks to AMS, and contract pricing is available for customers with interferometric testing at regular intervals.

Our Mission Statement

AMS strives to deliver expert interferometric testing at an exceptional value to our customers.

You might think it’s not possible to provide the highest quality services without the ‘highest quality’ pricing. Here are the main two reasons.

  • AMS Doesn’t Sell Interferometers

AMS is not in business to sell interferometers. Interferometer manufacturers charge exorbitant hourly rates for optical test. Their ultimate goal is to sell you an interferometer.

  • AMS Does Maintain Excellent Customer Relationships

AMS shares state-of-the-art interferometers with a large optical manufacturer. We calibrate all references for our own testing requirements, and and have trained employees over many years. For both sides, it’s a win-win situation.

We perform our measurements during the second shift, when the interferometers are not in use. Information about your parts and company is kept strictly confidential.

AMS strives to develop this same quality relationship with each and every customer.

Greywall Incorporated

AMS runs under the umbrella of our parent company, Greywall Incorporated, in business since 1997.

AMS is a subsidiary of Greywall Incorporated
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